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Here is the largest database of (5785) Muslim Baby Names with English and Urdu Meanings to help you find the perfect name for your newborn. We have thousands of muslim boy names and muslim girl names with both english and urdu meaning. If you know a name that we do not have listed, then submit it here.

اپنے بچوں کے اچھے اور پاکیزہ نام رکھنا بہت ضروری ھے - یہاں آپ لڑکوں اور لڑکیوں کےہزاروں نام انگلش اور اردو معنی کے ساتھ فری سرچ کرسکتے ھیں اور اپنے دوست و احباب کو بھیج سکتے ھیں - اگر کوئی نام یہاں موجود نہیں ھے تو آپ ھمیں وہ نام یہاں سبمٹ کرسکتے ھیں
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Name Meaning جنس معنی نام
Naabigh Distinguished, talented, man of genius, brilliant person. لڑكا نابغ
Naabih Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant. لڑكا نابه
Naadhir (Naazhir) Fresh. لڑكا ناضر
Naadhirah (Naazirah) One with healthy and happy looks, a bright face reflecting luster and freshness. لڑكی ناضرہ
Naadirah Rare, choice, precious. لڑكی نادرہ
Naafiah Profitable, advantagious, useful, beneficial, good. لڑكی نافعہ
Naaib A vice, a deputy, delegate, viceregent, attorney, assistant. لڑكا نائب
Naailah Earner, winner. لڑكی نائلہ
Naajidah Courageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes liber- tasks. one who appeals for help ties. لڑكی ناجدہ
Naajiya One who saves oneself, One who gets salvation. لڑكی ناجیہ
Naase Clear, pure, white. لڑكا ناصع
Naashirah A helper, a friend. لڑكی ناصرہ
Naashitah Lively, brisk, active, energetic, a monitor, a giving sound لڑكی ناشطہ
Naasihah An advisor, a sincere friend: counselor, a faithful minister, advice. لڑكی ناصیحہ
Naaz Glory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh. لڑكی ناز
Naazhimah (Naazimah) Administrator, manager. لڑكی ناظمہ
Naazhirah (Naazirah) Fresh, spectator, seer. لڑكی ناظرہ
Naazira One with healthy and happy looks, radiant, flourishing, resplendent, bright, beaming. لڑكی ناضره
Naba Famous, good, pious. لڑكی نابه
Nabaha Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance. لڑكی نباھه
Nabahat لڑكا شہرہ عظمت نباہت
Nabala لڑكی نجافت - شرافت نبالہ
Nabar لڑكا قصیح و بلیغ نبار
Nabawiya Prophetic لڑكی نبویه
Nabeeha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent; fem. of Nabih. لڑكی نبیھه
Nabeelah Beautiful, intelligent, dexterous. لڑكی نبیلہ
Nabi Prophet sent by Allah for the guidance of mankind. لڑكا نبی
Nabi Bakhsh Gift of the Prophet. لڑكا نبی بخش
Nabia لڑكی کنارہ - نواح نابیہ
Nabigh Distinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person. لڑكا نابغ
Nabigha لڑكا فصیح - خوش نابغہ
Nabih Famous, noble, outstanding, eminent, distinguished, brilliant. لڑكا نبیه
Nabiha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant; fem. of Nabih. لڑكی نابھه
Nabiha لڑكی قابل احترام - مغزز نبیہا
Nabil Noble, high born, honourable, intelligent, dexterous, one skilled in archery. لڑكا نبیل
Nabil Archer, Bowman. لڑكا نابل
Nabila Noble, highborn, magnanimous, beautiful, intelligent, honourable; fem. of nabil. لڑكی نبیله
Nabira لڑكی عقل و دانائی والی نبیرا
Nabira لڑكی عقل و دانائی والی نبیرہ
Nabiullah An epithet of the Prophet Nuh. لڑكا نبی الله
Nabiya لڑكی اونچہ درجہ نبیہ
Nadaa Dew, generosity, liberality, magnanimity. لڑكی ندی
Nadba لڑكی ہوشیار ندبہ
Nadbim لڑكا ہمدم - قریبی دوست ندبم
Nade لڑكا پکار ناد
Nadeem Intimate friend, boon companion, courtier. لڑكا ندیم
Nadeemah A companion, friend. لڑكی ندیمہ
Nadi Moist, damp, tender, delicate. لڑكی ندی
Nadi لڑكا آواز دینے والا نادی
Nadia The caller. لڑكی نادیه
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We have a huge number of Muslim and Islamic names with both english meanings and urdu meanings. Baby name given to a child is his or her first gift in life. Therefore, great care must be taken in choosing baby names that have pleasant and beautiful meanings just like our Prophet (pbuh) did.

According to a Hadith a child must be named promptly on birth. The baby name should be meaningful. 'You will be called by your name on the day of judgment' this is another reason why it is important to chose a baby name with good meaning. The prophet (pbuh) was very particular about it. The Prophet has suggested names of the Prophets or Abdullah and Abdur Rahman. He has said,

"Keep the names of the noble Prophets, Allah loves most the names Abdullah and Abdur Rahman. The most truthful names are Harith and Humam, while the most disliked are Harb and Murrah (war and bitter)."

According to Sheikh Sulaiman Moola it is also best to have the names of the Sahaba or Ashab-e-Rasool (RA) because their names were approved by our Prophet (PBUH) himself, if a Sahabi (RA) name or its meaning was not good or according to the shariah the Prophet (PBUH) would ask to change it.

Psychologists now apprehend the wisdom of the effect a person’s name has on his life. But Muhammad (Sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam) had revealed this fact to his followers already 1400 years ago. His teaching to his followers was that children should be given good names, and that meaningless names and those having unsavory connotations should be avoided. Subsequently, we find many incidents mentioned in the Hadith where Rasoolullah (Sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam) changed the names of people with this object.

Another aspect of a person’s name is that it bespeaks a person’s religion. Hence the name of a Muslim is usually of such a nature that by the mere mention of it, the listener understands that the person so addressed, is a Muslim. It is for this reason that our elders laid great emphasis on keeping good and pleasant names.

But since the widespread of Western culture throughout the world, it has become customary amongst Muslims not to take into congnisance the meaning of the name when naming a child. Many do not even bother to ascertain whether it is permissible for one to keep such a name or not. Often, even if the name is correct and suitable, then by way of abbreviating it, its Islamic connotation is distorted. In fact, at times it even becomes unlawful to address one Rahmaan; Abdur-Razzaaq, Razzaqq and Wahhaab are the exclusive epithets of Allah Ta’ala. To address any creation, by such a name, is there unlawful.

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